Victoria Elite Spa



foot massage

Body/Foot/Cupping Massage

Victoria Body Massage use a specific technique, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger-point therapy as well as osteopathic techniques and many more can be used to work with various medical conditions. Reduced state anxiety, and cortisol level.

ALOMA Massage

Made from natural soy wax, shea butter/ vitellaria paradoxa, and sweet almond oil. It keeps your skin moisture, retain skin elasticity, and whitening skin.

Pain Management

Massage Therapy Manages Pain of Chronic Conditions. People with chronic pain often turn to massage therapy to help naturally improve their quality of life...Most people go to massage therapists to reduce pain. There’s a release of serotonin, which is the body’s natural production of anti-pain chemicals.

Asian Table Shower

A Vichy shower is a form of hydrotherapy. A Vichy shower is a kind of shower in which large quantities of warm water are poured over a spa patron while he or she lies in a shallow wet bed.